August 2012

Late summer is officially here! The pigs are getting huge, the barn cats are growing up and Russell, the farm dog, has been running through grass twice as tall as he is.

Summer brings many joys to the farm. Our ewes and ram arrived from Day Spring Farm in Vermont. Since they're Katahdins, they grow hair instead of wool. This means that they'll be far more comfortable in the summer while still plenty warm in the winter. We'll be breeding them in November and have newborn lambs next March and April! We couldn't be more excited.

The Carlisle Farmers Market and Grafton Farmers Market have been wonderful each week. We have had so much fun meeting our customers and chatting about all things farm related. Our distribution at Eastleigh Farm has been great as well and it's always fun to visit their cows!

The best part about August? After two months of only having chicken in stock, we'll be bringing lamb and goat to the markets! We're excited to share this with all of you. Check out below for more details!

In Stock for August

We will have this and more in stock at the markets:

Cornish Cross Chickens
Freedom Ranger Chickens
Fresh Eggs
Goat: shoulder chop, loin chops, rib chops, stew meat, leg of goat
Lamb: ground meat, stew meat, shoulder chops, loin chops, rib chops, leg of lamb

If you see something you're interested in, please email us and request that we set it aside for you.

Order Your Turkeys and Freedom Rangers

We still have plenty of chicken in stock but our Freedom Rangers are selling out quickly! If you think you might want some to put in your freezer until next year, please email us to pick them up at either the Grafton or Carlisle Farmers Market or order here for pick up at Eastleigh Farm.
And speaking of poultry, our turkeys are getting huge! They spend each day exploring the farm, chasing the laying hens around and eating all of our blackberries. We have a limited number for sale, so if you're interested in an organically fed, pasture raised, fresh turkey for Thanksgiving, order now! We have three different breeds available. You can pick up your turkey the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, November 20th here on the farm in Dudley, MA.

Looking Forward to September

September brings its own joys to the farm. Not only will the weather be a bit cooler, which all the animals appreciate, but our pork will be available! If you're interested in checking out what cuts we'll have, you can see the price list here.

We'll see everyone at the markets this week and don't hesitate to be in touch! You can always reach us at

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We'll be enjoying these gorgeous days of summer and looking forward to our next newsletter in September!

Eleanor and Theo