Our laying hens work hard to bring our customers fresh eggs year round. During the warmer months, we move their coop around the farm to ensure they are always on fresh grass. In the winter, they stay near the barnyard, running around on hay that we put down to protect their feet from the cold.

They have the freedom to run around the farm, scratch in the dirt and create dust baths to keep themselves cool in the summer. To supplement their diet of local grain, our hens forage around the farm during the day for grass and bugs. As the sun sets, they naturally return to their coops to roost and sleep.

Our hens live in a coop specifically designed that has plenty of room for them to roost at night and lots of nesting boxes for their eggs. We encircle it with a poultry net that gives them an immense area to range and yet protects them from predators.

How to Purchase

We have eggs available all year.  From June - October, we're open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, and from November 22nd through December 23rd we're open every day from 9am to dusk, excluding Thanksgiving.

Eggs are available self-service and on honor system when we're not open.  They're in the refrigerator in the farm store, and please leave $5 /dozen in the jar on the counter.

We also offer an Egg CSA.  Details can be found here.
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If you have any questions, please contact us! We believe doing our part as responsible farmers includes transparency of our practices. Ask us questions or arrange a visit to the farm!