February 2013

While still in the middle of winter, February on our farm is the beginning of a new season. Seeds are starting to arrive, we are only a month away from chicks and two months away from lambs. That means a flurry of activity around here: making a seeding calendar, making sure the brooder is up and running, and preparing for the rush of spring.

Still, it's a nice, quiet time. The animals spend sunny days outside, munching on hay, and the chickens rush to any exposed ground to scratch for worms. We're having a great time throwing snowballs for Russell (when it's actually snowy!) and imagining what our 2013 season will be like.

Our February Markets

Eastleigh Farm in Framingham: February 8th, 2-6pm
It's our February CSA pick up and we'll have goat, chicken, pork and eggs in stock.

Everyone is welcome to come by the farm to get eggs or meat, just please call or email ahead so that we know to expect you!

Looking Ahead to March

Things will very soon start to pick up around here, and with that comes pre-orders for next season. We'll send out a separate email soon, so start thinking about whether you'd like to join our CSA, buy a whole or half animal, or get your Thanksgiving Turkey from us.

New for 2013 will be grain-free chickens, meaning that they'll only be eating pasture, vegetables and whey. These will be available through pre-order only, so think ahead!

Eleanor and Theo