October Newsletter

It seems like summer has flown by! Even as the end of our first season draws to a close, fall is an exciting time here. Around the farm, the leaves are starting to turn, the mornings are chilly and we’re stacking hay in the barn for winter.

Our turkeys are getting bigger and bolder every day. They have tried to follow me into the house and enjoy accompanying us to the far fields as we rotate the sheep and goats to fresh pasture. Luckily, they come home every night for their dinner. I never knew turkeys would have so much personality and we're so glad we're raising them!

Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey!

Orders for our turkeys are starting to come in earnest! If you think you might want one of our organically fed,pasture raised turkeys for thanksgiving, order now!

Great White: $5.50 /lb
Broad Breasted Bronze: $5.50 /lb
Sold out of Bourbon Reds!

For more information about the different breeds, visit our website.

They will be fresh, never frozen, and we require non-refundable $25 deposit.

Turkeys will be available for pick up the Tuesday before Thanksgiving at our farm in Dudley, MA and at Eastleigh farm in Framingham, MA.

New: Our CSA

We have partnered with Potter Hill Farm in Grafton, MA to provide a CSA for this fall and winter! We are offering two sizes: a full share and half share.

A sample half share includes:
4 lbs goat
4 lbs lamb
4 lbs chicken
6 lbs pork
5 lbs beef
1 dozen eggs with each pick up

Potter Hill Farm is providing their grass fed beef to round out our own offerings. The half share is $265 and the full share (twice what is listed above) is $525. We will be distributing our CSA once a month from November to March both on the farm in Dudley, MA and at Eastleigh Farm in Framingham, MA.

If you buy a CSA share, you receive $20 off of a turkey order!

Please note that shares are very, very limited. Sign up now if you're interested!

In Stock for October

We will have this and more in stock at the markets:

Cornish Cross Chickens
Freedom Ranger Chickens
Fresh Eggs
Goat: shoulder chop, loin chops, rib chops, stew meat, leg of goat
Lamb: ground meat, stew meat, shoulder chops, loin chops, rib chops, leg of lamb
Pork: breakfast sausage, hot sausage, kielbasa, bacon, pork chops, leaf lard, spare ribs, tenderloin, pork shoulder and assorted offal

If you see something you're interested in, please email us and request that we set it aside for you. We are running low on goat and lamb and soon will be sold out until next summer!

This is our last month of regular farmers markets so if you're a customer from Grafton, Carlisle or Milton and want to stock up for winter, we offer bulk discounts on chicken and pork. Email us for more information!

Recipe of the Month

We're highlighting a family favorite for October. Whenever I want a quick, classic roast chicken dish, I always turn to Roast Chicken with Root Vegetables. It's the perfect dinner to get you in the mood for fall and it couldn't be easier to throw together. Enjoy!

Looking Ahead to November

There are a couple exciting things happening on the farm in November. It's our very first turkey distribution and our first CSA distribution. We can't wait to see everyone there! Additionally, we will be moving our days at Eastleigh to every week (you read that right!) on Friday afternoon from 2-6:30. We'll be there the same day as Cape Anne's Fresh Catch, so come stock up on meat, eggs and fish!

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We look forward to seeing all of you at our markets this month!

Eleanor and Theo