Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables

This recipe really shines in the fall and winter. Cooking the vegetables and chicken in apple cider not only brings out seasonal flavors, but also creates a chicken with tender meat and a crispy skin. It has minimal prep-time and only one pan to clean up.

Serves 4-6

1 chicken
2 tblsp butter
2 firm tart apples such as Granny Smith, cored, peeled, and cut into 1” dice
1 large sweet potato, peeled and cut into 1” dice
1 medium onion cut into 1” dice
1 large parsnip cut into 1” rounds
2 medium carrot cut into 1” rounds
½ head medium cauliflower cut into 1” chunks
Salt and pepper
2 c. fresh apple cider

Preheat oven to 400.

Rinse the chicken, inside and out, under cold water, and pat dry with paper towels. Place the chicken in a flameproof (so you can put it on a burner later to make the sauce) roasting pan large enough to hold it and the vegetables without crowding. Smear the chicken with the butter, surround it with the vegetables, sprinkle everything with salt and pepper, and pour in the cider.

Place the chicken and vegetables in the oven and roast until the apples have practically melted, the vegetables are tender and brown, and the chicken juices run clear when the thigh is pricked with a fork, about 1 ¼ to 1 ½ hours. Stir the vegetables halfway through for even cooking.

Remove the chicken to a platter. Using a slotted spoon, remove the vegetables and place them around the chicken, and keep warm. Set the roasting pan over high heat and bring the cider and juices to a boil, scraping up the brown bits on the bottom of the pan. Cook, uncovered, for 5 to 10 minutes, until the liquid is reduced by half.

Serve the sauce alongside the chicken in a sauce boat or pitcher.
Roast Chicken with Root Vegetables and Cider.doc
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